Bartending and Beverage

Work as a Bartender in some of the most exciting venues in the world.

Bartending and Beverage Management Gainful Employment

Occupational Information

Bartending and Beverage Management programs are designed to give the student “hands on” training behind an actual bar, thus promoting confidence and efficiency. The emphasis of the course will be on mastering the art of mixing drinks quickly and properly. Upon graduation, the student will have the confidence and ability to step behind any bar, without any hesitation, and mix drinks proficiently. The key to mastering this art is practice, therefore students can expect to spend much of their class time behind the bar mixing drinks.

New classes start every Monday.

Classes are complete in only three weeks, Monday through Friday. You can choose to attend either day or evening classes.

Three weeks of "on-the-job" training in our simulated cocktail lounge will help increase your speed, coordination and confidence behind the bar.


This course will help you move into a Head Bartender or Beverage Manager position.

If you plan on opening your own establishment, Crescent Schools will prepare you with the necessary skills needed to turn a profit and avoid common pitfalls

New classes begin each month.
Attend Monday - Friday, day or evening classes.

Learn everything from the Bartending program, plus lots more:

Field trips and guest lectures -- visit working breweries and talk with industry experts

Staffing -- Hiring, training, motivation and scheduling

Inventory management -- Purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing of liquor

Cost control -- Understanding your budget, beverage cost, and ways to protect the profit

Marketing -- Techniques to bring customers in and keep them coming back

Spirits, beer and wine -- How they are made, their similarities and differences.