Crescent Schools of Gaming and Bartending New Orleans LA

New Orleans, LA Campus

The mission of Crescent Schools is to provide willing individuals with the technical knowledge and practical experience necessary to succeed and excel in rewarding positions in the hospitatlity industry. Our business strives to instill four qualities in our students: Competence, Confidence, Proficiency, and Professional Attitude. These qualitites will enable each student to grow professionally and personally. Our aim of producing the most qualified individuals creates a wealthy resource of reliable, capable personnel and provides the industry with the competitive edge.

Our New Orleans campus is centrally located in the metropolitan New Orleans in the heart of the city's gaming and hospitality district. The school is easily accessible by all public modes of transportation. Limited parking is available behind the school and off-street parking is also available. The school is approximately 4200 square feet. To better facilitate our programs, the labs simulate the actual workplace and are complete, featuring a full-size bar with 8 work stations, and a gaming lab featuring 15 regulation size tables and related equipment.

Main Campus

Crescent City Schools of Gaming and Bartending

209 North Broad Street, New Orleans LA 70119